Starting a Paranormal Research Group

Starting a paranormal research group can be one of the most fun and exciting decisions you have made in your life, but it can also be one of the most difficult decisions.  There are a lot of tasks that will need to be completed by a team with varying skill sets (IT, Marketing, Technical, Management, Clairvoyants, Research, etc.).  It will also offer a great opportunity to grow as a leader, working with many different people, and also spiritually as you develop a greater understanding of the unseen world that surrounds us.

So what needs to be done to get going?

The first step I would recommend is to create a website for your group.  Not only do you need team members, but you also need an avenue to begin to line up clients.  Once your website is online, you can begin to use it to recruit members to your team, and also look for individuals looking for help getting to the bottom of their haunting.

In order for potential team members, and clients to find your site, you need to be able to show up on google as a paranormal research group operating in your area.   Since Google will rank webpages based on how much it trusts the website, you will need to jump through a few hoops to get recognized.  I highly recommend hosting your own website, not just using a free webhosting site.  Google tends to trust these websites less, and thus they turn up as listing 400, and never get looked at by anyone.  Also webhosting is only a few bucks a month, which is a very small price to pay for the amount of legitimacy you will add to your organization.

I recommend using Dreamhost for web hosting.  Please use the quick start tutorial that I have provided to get going quickly, and smoothly.

Not only do you need to be able to show up as one of the top two listings in Google, you need to have a professional and trustworthy page.  Remember, some of the people that will be contacting you will have been terrorized and humiliated by many of the people around them.  They will only have a narrow window in which they will accept help from the outside world, and your site will need to appear legitimate for them to extend their trust to you.

I have created this template that can be used to get things up and going quickly.  Please follow the tutorial to get a good working knowledge of how to customize, and use your new paranormal research site.  Please leave the links in place to, as we would like to continue to be a content provider to your site.

Once the site is up and running, it is important to make sure that all of the generic text is taken down, or changed to something fitting to your organization.  You will need to come up with a name and a logo, and add them to your page.  Remember to take 15 minutes every couple of days to add new content to the page.  Also, as you are doing your research on other pages, leave thoughtful comments that include a link back to your page.  This is critical in getting your site recognized by google, and becoming one of the top few sites.

You may also want to consider having some tee shirts, or polo shirts made up so your team looks professional.  I have used with much success, and recommend using them for all of your promotional gear.  It really isn’t worth the hassle of having some mom and pop shop create gear for you.  You want it done right, quick, and simple.

Obviously you will need some equipment to use to start investigating.  You will want to buy a minimum amount of equipment in advance, so you can get used to it.  It is a must to test and use the equipment in advance so you are very familiar with it before you get into the field.  Believe me technical difficulties are not uncommon in this field, and it only gets worse when you add paranormal phenomena to the mix.  The more prepared you are before the research event the better.

At a minimum you will need these items to get going:

     1.  Quality Flashlight (Mini Maglight)

You really don’t want to go cheap here, and there is a very good reason.  For one you will probably find yourself in some very creepy situations, and want to make sure you can see to get out.  The flashlight can also dual as a spirit communication device.  Simply set the flashlight to where it is barely off, and start talking to the spirits.  You will find that some spirits can control the flashlight on and off in response to your questions.

     2.  K2 Meter

The K2 meter is used to measure electromagnetic fields and is generally accepted to indicate the presence of a spirit.  They can also indicate the presence of standing radiowaves, and a lot of other unseen disturbances.  I recommend having one of these on hand, but you really can’t use it as proof that you have found something paranormal.  In order to do that you need something with more intelligence, like a photo, video, or voice recording.

     3.  EVP Recorder

The EVP recorder is simply a hand held digital recorder.  The voices from the other side don’t always fall into the frequency range that we hear with our ears.  Our ears can only hear up to about 12 kHz, while the microphone on the digital recorder will operate up to around 20 kHz.  This expanded usable frequency range allows the spirits a wider band to communicate in, and keeps a recording for later analysis.

     4.  Audio Spectrum Analyzer

Many times the spirit recordings will sound jumbled, and sometimes too quick to understand.  I recommend downloading a free trial of WavePad from NCH Software.  This software will allow you to snip the parts of the audio that are unimportant, easily slow down and process the audio.

     5.  Digital Video Camera (Infrared with Tripod)

You need to be able to record videos, and generally in the dark.  There aren’t many options in this department, except an infrared camera.

     6.  Digital Camera (Point and Shoot)

Snapping still images can create some very good evidence, especially since cameras can sometime reveal what couldn’t be seen by the naked eye.

     7.  Hand Held Thermometer

Since spirits have the capability to drop the temperature by a significant amount, you need to have a thermometer to measure these differences.  Don’t use a laser thermometer, so those are only good for surfaces.  If you want to measure in space, you will need a handheld thermometer with a LED backlit digital display.

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