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Have you decided that your paranormal research team could really use a dedicated psychic, and you don’t trust some of the other self proclaimed “psychics” out there? I understand completely, as some people genuinely seem to be able to hone in on verifiable historic facts, while other psychics, are merely making educated guesses. Unfortunately there really isn’t a service that verifies these “psychics” and there probably never will be.

Developing psychic abilities takes some time, but it definitely can be done at a reasonable speed. Everyone inherently has some psychic abilities, and they can build on what they do have over the course of months. Usually your parents will pass on some psychic ability. You will develop some further during childhood depending on your upbringing. Some children are constantly reading other minds, and reading their environments. This might be painful early on, but if harnessed can grow into something pretty phenomenal.

There are lots of books out there regarding “Energy Work.” This is a good place to start, since you need to be able to walk before you can run. You need to get an understanding of the body (chakras, auras, etc.), and its energy fields. The earth, and its energy fields, how the two (body and earth) interact with each other, and finally how to begin to feel a connection between the two. When psychics claim that they are “seeing” things, sometimes they do, but not often. Usually they are “feeling” the changes in their environment. The way you can sense someone walking into a room without even looking, they can sense the same thing, but on a larger scale.

Since you will be sensing beings on another plane, I recommend learning everything you can about the astral plane, astral projection, and continually try to have at least one Out of Body experience. Especially learn everything you can about the astral plane. I highly recommend reading C. W. Leadbetter’s book on the landscape, and scenery here: This combined with the out of body experience(s) will provide you with a firm understanding of what and who you are dealing with. This will also leave one foot into the higher planes of existence, so you will more easily be able to tune in later on.

Since Out of Body Experiences (OBEs) can be dangerous depending on the encounter, it is important to pray for support from your higher power before you embark on any adventure outside your body. If for some reason you do encounter something of a dark nature, you must stand your ground boldly against it. Remember that you are mandated by your higher power to occupy your body, and that mandate will keep you safe, along with your strength to stand for that mandate. If for any reason whatsoever you believe that all of this talk is ridiculous, and silly, don’t attempt any out of body experience. This is much too dangerous for someone with no belief system. You are a prime target, and while the odds are statistically low, the price to be paid can be enormous. However, having an OBE does tend to quickly forge believers out of non-believers, but I did warn you.

Now that you are mostly in tune with your spirit, I would recommend only audio/meditation sessions. These need to be done frequently, as your body is an instrument for communication that needs to remain in tune. Audio is the best way to learn, while practicing your craft. Reading books at this point is can help but there is no substitute for hours of experience. As you continue to develop, remember to go to places that have spirits, but DO NOT go where there are known demonic spirits. Practice your craft, but be safe about it. Understand that we are but simple human spirits roaming this earth, and are not at the top or the bottom of the food chain. Be GOOD to yourself, and be careful. Surround yourself with the energy of your higher power, and the energy of loved ones who have passed on. Memorize prayers that are in line with your belief system, and use them often.

Here are my recommendations for audio to develop as a psychic:


For continuing education I recommend these:


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