Getting Rid of Ghosts (Earth Bound Spirts)


Earth bound spirits are by far the most typical type of spirit that you will encounter. They are spirits that remain attached to the physical world for one reason or another. The important thing is to determine if they have become a problem for the family. Usually, if a paranormal investigator has become involved, there is a problem, and the family wants them gone. Some families think that the ghost is kind of neat, and just wants to know more about what is going on. If that is the case, warn the family that the activity could get worse. If things do, you will need to come back and get rid of the spirit.

Depending on how advanced the spirits are, you might be able to get rid of them with a simple house cleansing. To do this you will want to get a couple of smudge sticks. These are a type of incense made of sage that can be burnt in the occupied space to discourage the spirits from staying there. The sage smoke is highly undesirable to the spirits, and they will many times simply move on. It is best to use a turkey feather to waft the smoke around the room to make sure that every inch of the room is exposed to the smoke. The turkey feather is mainly to give the ceremony more of a traditional feel. Verbally, the space needs to be blessed, and the spirits need to be instructed, that by the power of God, they need to leave. The instruction needs to come from one of the family members.

I recommend trying to smudge the spirits first. If that doesn’t work, then you will most likely need to come back and escalate your efforts. Smudging the property sometimes won’t work because the spirits will come back if they are very drawn to the property, or someone at the location. Keep in mind that if there is any activity surrounding any religious symbols, then you are most likely dealing with something of a more malevolent nature, and I recommend reading my article Patterns in Demonic Hauntings to learn how to deal with that situation.

Crossing spirits over can be very effective in a lot of cases. When we die, our spirit is supposed to leave the physical body, and see the light of God. Many times our loved ones will come meet us, and take us off to the after life where we can reflect on our life accomplishments. This is a very beautiful, and natural experience. Unfortunately, for some of us when we die, we don’t have the light of God waiting for us. Sometimes it is because of an evil nature we had in life, and sometimes it is because there is still some lessons our souls need to achieve to move on to the afterlife.

In order to cross a spirit over, it is best to have at least two people. The higher the level of psychic abilities the better for the people. Get into a circle and begin to pray to God. Envision the white light coming down from heaven, and filling the room with radiant light. Envision encouraging the spirits that have been occupying the space coming into the light, and being brought up to heaven. It is important here to not allow your mind to be filled doubt. Give it all of the concentration you have, and you will be amazed at the change that will be brought about the room. If you aren’t able to believe in spirits enough to participate, then find someone from the church, or elsewhere with strong spiritual beliefs to perform the procedure. The important thing is to have the faith that it will work. If you don’t have the faith, find someone that does.

There is no guarantee that the spirits will cross-over, but having multiple people involved will always be better. When you have two or more people together in God’s name, he will always be there. Sometimes the spirits won’t simply cross-over, because they have more at stake here in the physical world. They are not simply here because they don’t want to go there. The case could be that there is a malevolent spirit holding them here. The case could also be that they are elemental spirits that have been created to exist in the low earth plane, and there is nowhere else for them to go. There is also the possibility that they are fearful of God, and the potential retribution they will experience if they do travel to the light.

High maintenance spirits that refuse to leave despite smudging attempts, and cross-over attempts need to be handled on a case by case basis. It would be wise to bring in a medium here, if you know a good one. There really is no substitute for a good medium, however for every good quality medium there are fifty fake, or want-to-be-mediums. It would be wise to ask around for a quality reference. I would also recommend investigating the history of the property without allowing the medium in on any of your findings. Keep the medium from knowing anything at all about the property if you can.

Do whatever you can to figure out what is driving the families activity. Often times the historical records of the property will reveal enough about what is going on that you won’t need a medium. When you do find out what is driving the source of the haunting there are a number of things that can be done to appease restless spirits. You can perform a funeral ceremony for spirits that are angry because they have been forgotten. You could surround the property with a barrier of salt to symbolize a boundary where only good can reside. If the spirit is a victim of a murder, you could consider publicly exposing the murderer by publishing an article in the local paper. Many times simply spreading the word of the spirits plight can allow the spirit to feel vindicated, and able to move on.

If you are indeed able to help one of these spirits you just may just have a friend waiting to thank you on the other side. This work is spiritual in nature, and will allow you to be rewarded in this life and the next. If you have any spirits that will not leave no matter what, sometimes it is just best to move, so long as they are earth bound in nature. This is not always an option due to the families financial position, but there is no shame in moving on.

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