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The main thing you need to think about when starting in paranormal research is what type of evidence do you want to collect. Obviously video of an aberration, or a shadow figure would a very persuasive form of evidence. For this reason the video camera is going to be one of the most important tools in your tool kit.

Since the quality of your evidence is going to depend on the quality of your video camera there are quite a few specs that you will need to take into consideration before pulling the trigger on a purchase. You will need to have a camera that will operate in the Infrared (IR) spectrum, since you will be doing most of your data collection in the dark. You want to make sure that the image quality is very high, which will directly impact the quality of your evidence.

One issue that presents itself when you are trying to film in the IR region of the spectrum is the lack of IR light. Because of this most paranormal researchers will use an add on IR LED Bank. This way there is plenty of IR light waves in the room to get a quality image in a large room. Most IR cameras will come with an IR light built in, but they are usually only bright enough to see wall to wall in a small room (10′ x 10′). External IR LED Banks can be purchased fairly cheaply, but the batteries tend to die on them. It is best to use them in a stationary location with them plugged into an AC outlet.

Ghost hunting videos will need to be left for hours upon hours taking footage. This will demand lots of memory to save hours of video. It is recommended to have at least 64GB worth of memory available so that cameras can be left to record overnight. Later on software can be used to scan through the footage and pick out subtle changes.

If the activity in the house is spread out, then you will need to consider having multiple cameras in multiple rooms. It will be necessary then for you to be able to find a video camera that is relatively low cost. That way you can purchase a few of them as needed, without breaking the bank.

Another thing to worry about is the stability of the image. If you try to carry a hand held camera, the image becomes very jumpy, and it is difficult to get a quality video. Tripods are worth their weight in gold. You will want to make sure that you have a decently heavy one, because you want you video as stable as can be to eliminate false positives.

Cleveland Paranormal Supply offers an Ordro brand Infrared HD Camcorder that is the workhorse of modern paranormal investigators. Although the Ordro brand is unheard of in the US it is relatively common in Europe, and Asia. Cleveland Paranormal Supply has been modifying these camcorders to add a Full Spectrum feature. This feature will allow you to record in both IR, and Visual Spectrum at the same time. The 16 Mega pixels that the camera is featuring will provide you with plenty of resolution to be able to get a clear image, even if your area of interest isn’t centered perfectly. This camera has 2 SD card slots (32 GB each, 1 SD, and 1 Micro SD), that you can load up to record for several hours. There is a tripod mount so you can mount the camera to achieve professional quality image stability. This model is reasonably inexpensive, so you could buy a few of them to have different camera angles, and/or several rooms for a descent price.

Below are some photos of the contents that come in the box since the listing on isn’t very revealing.

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