You can never be over prepared for what you could face at an investigation. Some, most of them, are a piece of cake, and you almost see nothing. You are led to question whether or not the individuals involved are even experiencing anything, or if they are just attention seeking. On occasion though, rarely, you will arrive at a house where all hell is breaking loose. The individuals involved may see you as their last hope, as they themselves are just pawns in a battle between good and evil. When and if you find yourself in this position, you need to understand that you are now a player in the battle. You have been summoned by God to help them, and if you are not prepared, you will be placing yourself in great danger, and letting down someone you were supposed to be showing up to help. Though the equipment listed on this website will help you capture evidence needed to verify a haunting, it will do no good without properly educating yourself. We like equipment; equipment, is cool. But first learn. I cannot express enough how dangerous it could be in the field if you are not mentally, and spiritually prepared. In the coming months, I will provide plenty of training material to assist in getting you properly trained. Until then, please read, and learn to use the equipment. If you do venture out in the field, and all hell is breaking loose, get out. Contact Us, and we will happily help find someone that can help.

Voice Recorders for EVPs

Infrared HD Video Cameras


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