Patterns in Demonic Hauntings



Demonic hauntings usually follow a particular pattern, and you need to be able to identify them. They almost always begin with some sort of an invitation into the persons life. The invitation can come through deception, or a person becoming enamoured with the occult, not realizing the implications. God has mandated that we occupy the physical world, and the demonic spirits have their own realm. They are not allowed to cross into our world except by exploiting the fact that mankind has free will. It is through a persons free will that demonic spirits will seek to exploit and receive passage into our world. This is precisely why the invitation is of such significance.

The realm that the demonic spirits occupy is not a very pleasant place, as you could imagine. It is world filled with lies, hate, abuse, exploitation, and extortion. One can only imagine how much better the physical world must be than that awful place. For this reason there are many dark spirits waiting to enter our world, and desperately trying to stay here.

Once a demonic entity has received passage into our world, they feed off from people’s negative emotions. Once they are here they will eventually die out and have to go back unless they can collect the fuel that they need to remain here. The fuel is none other than pure human fear. Why fear? There is a subtle point to keep in mind here, these entities exist as polar opposites to God, and everything that is good in this world. Fundamentally, fear is the exact opposite of faith, and while God requires you to have faith, the demonic entities require fear.

While your specific religious belief system doesn’t necessarily matter, keep in mind that human intentions set in motion big things in the spiritual realm. Some individuals are much more capable than others, but it is important to realize that symbolism is huge. Not only having intentions, but symbolizing those intentions with physical world objects has a tremendous amount of power in the spiritual world. Imagine the power the cross must have if for no other reason than billions of people focusing their intentions on one symbol. Since a persons intentions can last for centuries, you not only have people’s good intentions from present day, but also people’s good intentions from the past. For this reason if none other, the cross is a very powerful tool to use against the demonic.

When the demonic entity comes into a families life, it will usually find one member, and try to single them out. Little strange things will begin to happen but, only to one individual. When the one individual tries to collaborate with the rest of the family, often times, they are the only ones experiencing anything, causing the individual to begin to feel isolated. It is a divide and conquer scheme that usually works very well. Most people don’t believe in paranormal phenomenon, and take a “believe it when I see it” attitude. Even when they do see it, they tend to try to rationalize what is going on. This behavior usually will leave the one person experiencing the events to feel like there is something wrong with them. This is one step in breaking down the human will.


As more and more strange things begin the happen, the fear exhibited by the targeted individual begins to feed the demonic entity, and they get stronger. They will pollute the energy in the household with feelings of fear, anger, hate, and oppression. A family trying to live in this environment will undoubtedly begin fighting, and arguing, which will only create more negative energy in the space. The one family member that has become isolated, will often be blamed for the fighting and arguing. This will cause them to become withdrawn, avoid the family, and their human will becomes further shattered.

The demonic entity will use this opportunity to begin to take control of the individual. Showing up in nightmares, and following them from place to place. The individual will begin to feel helpless against the entity, and often times invite them to take control by offering themselves up in exchange for the safety of their family. This doesn’t end up being a good trade since all the demon does is lie, deceive, and manipulate. It can and will use the individual to launch attacks against the rest of the family. After this happens, the family will either send the troubled individual away in hopes of controlling something they don’t understand, or they will seek help.

As investigators, this is usually the place we come onto the scene, and it is probably the most dangerous point in the whole process. The demon at this point is manipulating the family, and has created an environment for it to thrive in. A hell on earth. When you step in there, you are stepping onto the demon’s turf, and you are powerless against it. While a human spirit can move a chair, a demon can throw a piano. You the investigator being a simple human spirit, are no match for a demon, so please do not try to confront them.

At this stage in some of the worst hauntings, objects are being moved around all night long. There can be continuous tappings going on from inside the walls. Voices can be heard, and objects can be teleported. Rocks raining down on the house. Water raining indoors. Birds crashing into the house continuously. Automobile problems begin to emerge. The families source of income can fall under attack. Health issues will many times have also arisen. These entities really are capable of doing some unbelievable things. If it becomes necessary to confront the being (never recommended) always use some higher power to command them. Never command them by the power you contain yourself. You will likely become the subject of their attack.

Families will often report being woken up at 3 am. They will hear tapping in groups of three. Banging on the door: Boom, Boom, Boom. There will be scratches appearing on an individuals body, three claw marks on the arms, legs, back, etc. It is believed that the demonic use the number 3 as a mockery of the trinity. Again to the demonic, symbolism is everything, and you need to remember this because ultimately symbolism is what will destroy them.

In order to diagnose that the haunting is demonic in nature, you can use religious symbols to test whether or not the entity has a problem with them. Maybe the family already has already tried this. Crosses will either be flipped upside down, or they will be thrown across the room, and potentially smashed. Pentagrams will be flipped upside down to create one of the satanic symbols. With eastern religious artifacts, I would imagine that the same type of behavior would be observed.


If you determine without a doubt the home is under demonic control, the most important thing you can do as an investigator, is to make sure that you are collecting high quality evidence that can be used to prove that a demonic haunting is in fact taking place. Video will be your best bet here, along with photographic evidence, and recordings of the activity. This evidence can be used to provide to the catholic church, or any other religious body, to allow a priest to come and perform an exorcism on the house. If the demonic entity is a strong one, this won’t work, and an exorcism will need to be performed on the individual that has become most closely associated with the demonic entity. Most of the time this won’t work either. Be prepared for failure here, and try not to get into the middle. If you need to walk away to protect yourself, and your family, then do it.

If you can trace back the appearance of the demonic entity to an occult conjuring ceremony, or something similar, you can also consider doing a banishment ceremony. Many times the banishment ceremony has been known to work, but be very careful getting involved here. It is not the power invested in you that is banishing, it is the power of God, whichever you believe. The important thing is to have the power of God in your corner when facing these entities, as they are no match for God.

If the family does try to move, often times the demonic entity will follow behind. Even leaving for a vacation, the entity will not be far behind. The family will need to boldly stand up to the entity, and use God as the one that mandated them to exist in this world, and use symbolism to symbolize their wish to not be bothered anymore. The fight is for the family to win or lose, and positive actions must be taken by them, and continued. It is not enough to stand up once, but the overall strength of the family must improve to make them much less vulnerable. I recommend them help of an ordinary therapist to improve the spiritual ruin that the family has suffered, and may have been suffering before the attack was launched by the entity.

There are many good books written on this topic, and I recommend every single paranormal investigator to read these books in the order I have listed them so that you are as prepared as possible for a potential life changing event. An event that will not only effect the family involved for a lifetime, but also leave an imprint on your soul….

Ed and Lorraine Warren’s book is must read material!

This is a great book to help protect yourself:

This book will give you a deep understanding of demons:

Once you read these three books, read as many as you can documenting various demonic hauntings. Notice the patterns that begin to emerge in all of them. This will help you to be able to pick out patterns in all of your future investigations.

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