Paranormal Website Quick Start Guide

Have you ever wanted to start a paranormal research group, and needed to figure out how to quickly get your website up and going? Creating a website can be very easy to do, and is here to provide you with simple step by step instructions to get your website up and going quickly and smoothly. We assure you that the process is not difficult, and if you follow our step by step instructions, you are assured to be able to create a high quality site, that your clients will be able to trust. It really is amazing how simple it can be, and with no programming at all.

There are a lot of services out there that you can use to host your website. Some of them are free, but you will need to use their web address ( This is one way to get a site up and going but it really won’t provide you with much legitimacy. Since you need your clients to feel a high level of professionalism when dealing with your group, you will want to have your own web address ( You will also need to be able to allow users to find you using google, or some other search engine. It is not enough to have a website, you also need potential clients to be able to find you. Before you can worry about establishing legitimacy with your clients, you have to appear to be a legitimate website with google.

The best way to earn the respect from google, it to have a legitimate website, where you own the web address. You will also want the site to be easy to update, and not require a lot of coding. This is where a content management system comes in. I recommend using WordPress, because it is so simple to use, and there is a one-click installation provided by Dreamhost. The process is very quick and really should only take 5 minutes, as they advertize. You can use some other web hosting services, but save yourself some headaches, and use Dreamhost because it is so simple, and quick to get setup, you really don’t want to make life any more difficult that you have to. If you enter the promo code HAUNTECH, you will also save $30.00 off from the registration fee, by getting your personal IP address for free, and also free domain registration.

Once you have created your Dreamhost account, you can go to the goodies section on Panel and use the One Click Install.


After this is done WordPress is installed on your site, and you can begin customizing it. WordPress is very simple to use and there are hundreds of sites out there for you to search for answers to your individual questions. For starters you should try to customize the template. This changes the way the whole site looks, so you can add a spooky feel to it, if that’s your thing. Also, you can create posts based on each new investigation, or simply have pages with each new adventure listed there.

I hope this quick tutorial was helpful. This really is an easy process, and using WordPress is like using Facebook, at first it is a little confusing, but you will get used to it very quick I’m sure. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask on twitter: @hauntech, or email me directly:



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