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All Out

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Team Members:  
Rex Nielson
Chris Nielson
Chaim Nielson


Alternate Telephone:  


We are a 3 man group of paranormal
investigators made of a father and his two sons. We’ve dedicated our
lives to not only researching and gathering proof of what we already
know exists, the paranormal, but also helping people who are
struggling with paranormal experiences in their homes. We are very
passionate about what we do and we believe that is what makes us so
good at it.



Central New Hampshire Paranormal Society


Team Members:  
Sandy Bartlett | Co-Founder
Eric Perry | Co-Founder
Kelli Clark | Secretary
Mike DelRose Jr. | Public Relations
Jon Bourgoin
Jeff Eaton
Julie Finn
Barbara Heigh Halliday
Tim Church
Sonya Csapo Eckers
Virginia Gilfoy-Adam
Lynette Maclver


Alternate Telephone:  


For the last five
years Central New Hampshire Paranormal Society has helped members of
society, both private homes and businesses deal with their paranormal
needs free of charge .We have logged many hours in education,
research, and investigations for our clients.
Our mission: To gather evidence,debunk or confirm reports of activity,
provide education, and ease people’s minds.



County Paranormal Team


Team Members:  

Cody Barnes
Josh Carbon
Kyle Lundmark


Alternate Telephone:  


Evp and emfs in Ashland, Wisconsin




Team Members:  
Chris,Sarah,Kevin,Lisa, Jennifer,Matt,


Alternate Telephone:  


A new group formed in 2013 from members
of older groups. We’ve been around the paranormal for 10 years now. We
serve Missouri and parts of Illinois.



Southern Boys
Team Members:  
Brandon Sherwood
Cody Stephens
Matt Jordan


Alternate Telephone:  


We are the newest
paranormal team based out of Indianapolis Indiana
Our main interest is to find and document proof of the paranormal in
and around the Indiana area



Timeless ParanormalTimelessParanormal Team Members:  
Shannon Byers, David Byers


Our founder has been a genealogy researcher for 32 years (starting at the age of 13) and she uses her research skills to know as much about the history of an investigation area as possible, not just of the particular structure currently standing, but what happened in the area going back as far as we can find records. Experience has taught us that having this information leads to more choices in our investigation process and a better understanding of evidence we might capture and otherwise have nothing to correlate it to. Our thirst for knowledge of past events has benefited us greatly in knowing how to phrase our questioning and what trigger objects might be helpful, and it has paid off in what we believe to be relevant evidence. We are dedicated to adding to historical knowledge using these tools. Our services are free and we are interested in investigating in GA, SC, NC, TN, and AL














T-Town Paranormal InvestigationsTTown_Logo Team Members:  
Dave Stewart, Mandi Storm, Pam Storm, Kati Hughes, Dave Hughes, Scott Burkey


Alternate Telephone:  


Toledo, OH Paranormal Team – scientific, evidence based investigations – Serving NW Ohio and SE Michigan, other areas on case-by-case basis – All investigation services are free.










We are just starting to build this list, will be updated as fast as possible!
-CH 1/29/2015
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