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Thank you for visiting Hauntech.net!  We are dedicated to helping those interested in paranormal research get out into the field as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We want to see paranormal research accepted fully into the realm of science, and overcome the stigma of being science fiction.  I can attest to the fact that ghosts do exist, and have existed since before mankind.  It is comforting for people to not believe, but that attitude doesn’t bring about an understanding of the world in which we live.

We provide step by step instructions to help you get a website up and going for your research group.  If you want to do paranormal research, you will need to have clients lined up, and you’ll need a team.  How better to attract quality team members than by accepting online applications?

You will need equipment to get going.  Please make full use of the product reviews we provide, and provide feedback, as we would like to hear back what equipment is working for you.  If there are any new products that you would suggest, we would also appreciate any suggestions!

In order to establish confidence with your clients you will need to be up to speed with all of the latest theory.  We provide you with a breakdown of all of the theory that is out there, and how it should be applied in the field.  What books deserve taking a look at. At some point we will provide you with a training manual that can be used for new ghost hunters getting up to speed.

Starting a ghost hunting group is the most exciting and deeply rewarding journey that can be undertaken.  It is very important to be very careful, and cautious in this field, but also have fun.  Try not to let the research part take away the enjoyment, and fulfillment that you will receive as a paranormal researcher.  You are embarking on a journey seeking to solve some of life most difficult mysteries.  If you are lucky you will provide life saving help to some of our worlds most tortured souls along the way.

Thank you, and enjoy!


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