Psychic Development
Have you decided that your paranormal research team could really use a dedicated psychic, and you don't trust some of the other self proclaimed "psychics" out there?  I understand completely, as some people genuinely seem to be able to hone in on verifiable historic facts, while other psychics, are merely making educated guesses.
Paranormal Website Quick Start Guide
Have you ever wanted to start a paranormal research group, and needed to figure out how to quickly get your website up and going? Creating a website can be very easy to do, and Hauntech.net is here to provide you with simple step by step instructions to get your website up and going quickly and smoothly.
How a K2 Meter Works
K2 or K-II Meters work by detecting magnetic fields.  It can be helpful to understand how to this device works so you can use your own best judgement as to what you are really detecting.  Magnetic fields are usually sensed using a coil of wire, wrapped around some ferrite type of material.
Getting Rid of Ghosts (Earth Bound Spirits)
Earth bound spirits are by far the most typical type of spirit that you will encounter.  They are spirits that remain attached to the physical world for one reason or another.  The important thing is to determine if they have become a problem for the family.  Usually, if a paranormal investigator has become involved, there is a problem, and the family wants them gone.
Patterns in Demonic Hauntings
  Demonic hauntings usually follow a particular pattern, and you need to be able to identify them. They almost always begin with some sort of an invitation into the persons life. The invitation can come through deception, or a person becoming enamoured with the occult, not realizing the implications.
How to Conduct a Paranormal Investigation
There are a lot of different ways to start a paranormal investigation, and you will need to figure out what works best for you.  The most important thing is to help the family feel comfortable with you coming into their home.  It is bad enough that spirits are violating their space, but now they have paranormal investigators invading their space as well.
Starting a Paranormal Research Group
Starting a paranormal research group can be one of the most fun and exciting decisions you have made in your life, but it can also be one of the most difficult decisions.  There are a lot of tasks that will need to be completed by a team with varying skill sets (IT, Marketing, Technical, Management, Clairvoyants, Research, etc.).
Voice Recorders
Electronic Voice Phonomenon or EVPs are voices from the other side manifesting themselves in our world. The human ear is only capable of hearing up to 12 kHz or so depending on age, and hearing ability. Digital Voice Recorders often will catch EVPs that aren't audible to the human ear because they operate up to frequencies much higher than the human ear can hear.
Infrared HD Video Cameras
The main thing you need to think about when starting in paranormal research is what type of evidence do you want to collect. Obviously video of an aberration, or a shadow figure would a very persuasive form of evidence. For this reason the video camera is going to be one of the most important tools in your tool kit.


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